Folks in the military know what "joint" is all about – unified actions to achieve unified goals. Joint is about common cause, aligned interests, and military principles. The core idea and purpose of our company is rooted in these concepts. 

Our experience in the military shaped our thinking as we worked to create this solution. But it was many months after we’d been building models and drafting strategy that we even started thinking about a name, and even then it took us a minute to realize what we’d been building was “Joint” from the beginning.



  1. United, joined, or sharing with another (as in a right or status)
  2. Common to, shared by, or affecting two or more parties
  3. Involving the united activity of two or more parties
  4. Constituting an activity, operation, or organization in which elements of more than one armed service participate
   (military definition)
  1. Unified actions across domains by the integrated military forces of various service branches which compliment each other to achieve unified goals.


The original idea for Joint came as a result of our experiences buying homes when we got out of the military. The main problem we faced was playing catch up after getting out after being unable to buy while serving. 

You can check out the full story when you get a chance. Long story short – as we worked to understand the problems we’d faced and what we could have done differently we ended up with a question:

What if a bunch of military service members could buy a bunch of houses and just move between them as they needed?

That question was the spark. After a whole lot of work and research (and legal consultation) we arrived at an answer – a way to take that vague concept and give it life with a completely new solution to housing.


We all want to save more money, build more wealth, live comfortably in a great place, and be able to keep our focus on our families and our jobs. We can do this, together. We can buy and maintain a great set of homes that you can live in and make your own, and move between as easily as any rental – easier with our help. You can take care of the home you're in like it’s your own and build equity each month as if it was. 

From the very beginning, the idea for Joint is rooted in leveraging the resources and strengths of the community to provide a better solution for the individual – unified actions to achieve unified goals. 


So like the definition says, we are all about being united and sharing in rights and status. We’re all about common cause and the united activity of different parties. And of course we’re all about activities and an organization in which different service branches are involved. We're forming this specifically to serve members of the military in all branches, so it's an easy call.

We're building a joint solution to serve a joint community. The choice of a name was obvious.

And if there was any doubt when we sat down to think about it, the fact that your joint is slang for your home clinched it for us.

We didn’t know it going in, but Joint was always the perfect name for what we’re building.

(If you were trying to figure out if Joint has anything to do with recreational drugs, it doesn’t. Sorry, I guess, if that’s not what you were hoping to hear. But as a note to whoever is domain-squatting on, I’m sure you think that you’ll be able to make a windfall selling it to Big-Weed some day, but we doubt it. We’d be happy to take the domain off your hands though, let us know.)