The essence of Joint is unified actions to achieve unified goals.

Who we are

Joint Homes, PBC ("Joint") is a veteran-owned and operated company that was created to solve the challenges we experienced while serving in the military.

Our founders are veterans who each served multiple combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan in addition to tours in Southeast Asia, Europe, Africa, and various duty stations across the US.

We are committed to building and maintaining a culture of equity and excellence to serve our members and pursue our mission, and seek to be a premier employer for military spouses, veterans, and transitioning service members.

We formed as a Public Benefit Corporation, allowing us to prioritize our mission alongside profits so we can vigorously pursue our purpose as a company.

What we do


We believe service members deserve a better path to financial strength, and better tools to manage life on the home front while serving. We know the stress and costs of deployments, training, and moving every couple years. We lived it.

We create innovative solutions that leverage our strengths as a community to solve the challenges of military life.

Our primary focus is housing. We blend the best aspects of renting and buying, so you can build real estate equity like a homeowner while maintaining the flexibility of renting.


With a modern platform and a tailored portfolio of homes, we make it insanely easy to find housing that meets your needs, make it home, and move whenever duty or life demand.

While tailored homes with dedicated support and services make life easier, we know most veterans regret not buying a home while serving, and wasting the benefits of the Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH).

Our innovative housing model allows us to put a portion of your billeting (a.k.a. rent) into an investment in the entire portfolio of Joint Homes.

It works a lot like an individual mortgage, building wealth over time with each monthly payment that appreciates with the value of the properties. Only with Joint, you don't have to deal with the costs and stress of buying, maintaining, and selling a home on your own, which eat up the appreciation you may hope to have over a two or three year assignment.

Why we do it


Joint is how we continue to serve. As veterans, we believe making it easier for you to serve is how we carry the mission.

Our purpose is the help our members, associates, and their families to live well and serve better.

Serving does require sacrifice, but not just in the obvious ways.


The challenges you face are a lot like those faced by every young professional, setting out on your own, building a career, and starting a family.

The difference is the challenge created by mandatory moves every couple years which requires you to rip it all up and start over.

And the costs aren't limited to the service member. Spouses, children, and family members serve as well. Moving in the military creates enormous strain on marriages, relationships, and personal finances.

By working to make the home front more stable, secure, and enjoyable for our members, we hope to alleviate the stresses of military life and enable you to focus on your job and service to our country.

How we do it

We use a "joint" approach to everything we do. The entire concept of Joint Doctrine in the military can be boiled down to unified actions to achieve unified goals. This concept is novel in a business sense, and we see it as the foundation for everything we do as a company, hence the name.

Bringing the "joint" mindset to the creation of our products and services, we studied collective impact organizations and methods from other industries, and elevated our members as stakeholders in the process of building our company. We don't make any major decisions as a company without asking this one key question: 

"How will this impact our members?"

Additionally, we established a strategy and impact framework for how we intend to achieve our mission, which we will be making publicly available here soon.