Turn your rent into wealth with the Joint Advantage Program.

What the Joint Advantage is

Joint Homes created the Advantage Program to enable individuals and families that choose to rent to access more of the financial and emotional benefits of ownership. The program is designed to align the interests between Joint, our residents, and homeowners.

In practical terms, the Advantage Program captures some of the value we create together as a community and shares it back with our members, so they receive a portion of each monthly payment back in equity benefits via Joint Member Stakes, which we refer to as Stakes, or JMS. The value you create as a Joint Member is centered around the care you take for the homes and communities you live in.

The result is greater trust, respect, and community in renting.

Build for the future

Renting has a lot of benefits, but helping you save for the future isn't one of them, until now. Simply by making each monthly payment and taking great care of the homes you're in, you can now earn a portion of each payment back to put toward a home of your own when you're ready.

Joint Member Stakes

Payments made in connection with the Advantage Program are deemed a contractual right or “stake” that entitles a Joint Member to variable rebates or credits on future amounts payable for rent and services under lease and occupancy agreement with Joint.

Family of Soldier

Who it's for

The Advantage Program is designed to serve our members and community

Frequent, mandatory moves take an emotional and financial toll on service members and their families. Excessive out-of-pocket costs and constraints on building wealth that most service members experience impacts us long after we leave the military.

By building our platform and services to meet your needs over your entire career, we believe we can create create and retain more value within our community so you can enjoy a better housing experience today and build more wealth for the future.

Why we do it

Choosing to rent shouldn't mean you can't enjoy the emotional and financial benefits of ownership

Buying a home remains a key element of building wealth for most individuals and families in the country, but it's increasingly difficult with constraints in the cost of homes and career demands requiring families to move more than before.

We created the Program, and our entire company, around the idea of creating a better living experience and unlocking access to the emotional and financial benefits of ownership for our members.

What we do

We make it easier to move, live, and be at home while serving.

We do it with a community-centric approach to generating innovative solutions that create more value for our members and our team. We do it by leveraging technology to create efficiency and deliver an amazing home experience for our members.

In addition to creating better tools to manage life on the home front for our members, we believe you deserve a better path to financial strength, and created our Shared Value Program to help our members build wealth while maintaining the flexibility of renting.

Happy Family

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Managing life at home while serving can be a challenge, and you get more training on ships and aircraft than on personal finance and military moves. That's why we're here.